About Us

Stephanie Gragg

Hi! I am a photographer, high school educator, mom, and wife. I love Diet Dr. Pepper and Hot Tamales... and my three kids! I have really found that photography meets that creative urge I have had since I was a kid. I love all types of photography, but I have to say I have a special place in my heart for seniors. That mus be why I chose to be a high school teacher, too. When I am behind the camera, I get the chance to show you all the beauty that you have inside and out. I want everyone woman that leaves a session with me to leave confident, brave, and happy. I am not sure that there is a better part of the job!

Abbi Dean

Hi guys! As a high school student, I never thought I would be starting a business. However, with my Aunt Stessie with me, I know that we have the chance to make this a great career. My job is behind the scenes, and I am also at most of our sessions as a photography assistant. Sometimes this means helping with poses, and sometimes it means holding your keys and your purse while you get that great photo. I hope you will trust us to take your photos. My favorite sessions are when seniors bring something that represent them.

We are a family business located out of Shawnee, Oklahoma.

At Gragg and Dean Photo Collective, we strive to be an anti-racist business, and we believe that Black Lives Matter. We will not take photos that include props that could be seen as racist. This includes but is not limited to confederate flags. We understand and believe that you can choose whoever you want to be your photographer, so we want to be transparent.