About Us

Stephanie Gragg

Hi! I am a photographer, high school educator, mom, and wife. I love Diet Dr. Pepper and Hot Tamales... and my three kids! I have really found that photography meets that creative urge I have had since I was a kid. I love all types of photography, but I have to say I have a special place in my heart for seniors. That mus be why I chose to be a high school teacher, too. When I am behind the camera, I get the chance to show you all the beauty that you have inside and out. I want everyone woman that leaves a session with me to leave confident, brave, and happy. I am not sure that there is a better part of the job!

Abbi Dean

Hi guys! As a high school student, I never thought I would be starting a business. However, with my Aunt Stessie with me, I know that we have the chance to make this a great career. My job is behind the scenes, and I am also at most of our sessions as a photography assistant. Sometimes this means helping with poses, and sometimes it means holding your keys and your purse while you get that great photo. I hope you will trust us to take your photos. My favorite sessions are when seniors bring something that represent them.

We are a family business located out of Shawnee, Oklahoma.